Social impact consulting

We are a boutique social impact consultancy with a clear mission: to effect positive change by applying systemic, transformative thinking to global challenges.

About us

Athari provides consulting services, concept and project design support; advice on funding streams and research services. We help our clients, NGOs, social enterprises, non-profits and private sector organisations, to innovate, iterate, reach scale and evaluate results. We work across multiple sectors to reduce poverty, improve livelihoods, stimulate inclusive economic growth, mitigate against climate change and protect the environment

Our Services

  • Consulting : Strategy, business and impact planning, customer needs assessment, landscaping and benchmarking analysis and implementation advice / support
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  • Project conceptualisation and design: Project and programme concept development, design frameworks, community and stakeholder assessments, designing evaluation systems to demonstrate impact
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  • Fundraising: Advice on funding streams and the funding landscape, donor priorities and engagement, strategic partnership development, market positioning and assistance with grant applications
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  • Research: Developing and disseminating fresh insights, market and value chain analysis, knowledge briefs, and practical tools to improve sector effectiveness

Impact areas

We scale social impact

Rural livelihoods

We develop innovative, market-based solutions to sustainably address community livelihood constraints.

Agricultural sustainability

We combine good agricultural practices and innovative approaches to improve the lives of the world’s rural poor.

Economic development

We design strategies to, collaboratively, disrupt the cycle of poverty for individuals and communities.

Social Development

We work with communities on empowerment, education and social leadership.

Climate Change Mitigation

We design and advise on strategies and projects to reduce, prevent and sequester greenhouse gases and to protect the environment.

Health and well-being

We take a systems approach to community health challenges and believe in technological collaboration.


Contact us

Head office:

Impact Hub
Ciudad del Rio
Calle 17 #43 F–287
Medellin, Colombia



English and Spanish